• intelligent movement for inquisitive individuals •

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• a bespoke training system for all ages • • meditation, mobility 4 medicine,  mobility flow, martial arts & yoga


the secret to a functional body that continues to grow as we mature, lies not in a fixed style of physical activity, but through an informed choice of movement that continues to evolve and challenge us mentally and physically as we progress through life



designed for the individual, with programmes made to challenge you, change you and create a bundle of fun along the way

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• movement flows  for improving your strength, agility & proprioception •

• the warrior momentum system provides a complete workout that functions well on it's own, or as a supplement to  other physical disciplines

• our goal is injury free creativity, with  workouts designed to promote joint health and increase physical longevity •

 • utilizing the BUDOKON  mixed movement arts system, you can choose own path through their matrix of yoga, quadrupedal motion, calisthenics and functional mobility sequences • 



yes you can!

• have fun while improving your fitness and learning a new skill set •

 • the STAT martial arts programme is dedicated to improving your confidence and strengthening your kicking potential • 


Athena - Italy


" Since beginning my collaboration with Susanna, I have discovered a strength and fluidity in me that I have not felt in decades.  Much more than a world-class athlete, Susanna has a gift for teaching.   Her classes are the perfect mixture of fun, heat and encouragement.  She exudes positivity and lifts us to towards our higher selves. 

I wouldn’t miss a class!"



Natasha - UK

Personal Coach

" As an instructor, Susanna can be fierce and tender and playful, generous and encouraging, inspiring and absolutely amazing at her thing. This is her thing."

Beth - UK


" Susanna’s classes were some of the best I have ever experienced.
I am a black belt in kick boxing and when I found her martial arts classes, I felt like I had come home.
Since I no longer live locally, I have enjoyed online classes with her from the comfort of home.
Susanna is an exceptional teacher and an inspiration in herself.
She always strives for the best, both in herself and her students.
One in a million!."

Yoav - Italy

Digital Activist

" Having previously trained to black belt level in London, I found Susanna's classes to be of world class  standard. She invests a  considerable  amount of her personal time and resources making sure that her teaching methods are up to the minute in terms of quality and content.  She has skillfully created a training environment which is both challenging for experienced practitioners and welcoming for new ones, bringing everyone together to create an amazing community both on and off the mat."