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 Dalle 24 GIUGNO al 1 LUGLIO

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A week of Budokon Yoga & Mobility in the Archipelago Egadi, Sicily


Full access to 6 days of AM and PM sessions in Meditation, Budokon Yoga & Mobility,  Animal Locmotion plus an introduction to inverts. Students are encouraged to participate in the morning meditation and joint mobility session, after that get to choose your own level of intensity.

LOCATION: The main part of the daily training will take place on a wooden platform in the deep shade of a garden at this address:

Strada Provinciale Punta Sottile 13,

91023 Favignana TP


Favignana has many local dishes with freshly caught local fish and couscous playing a big role. There is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available.
Included in your training package are 3 x evening  meals where we will be enjoying the company and ambience of Mara's home.  For the rest of the time you can buy fresh food and vegetables to cook at home choose or choose from one of many great restaurants, bars and gelaterias on the island. Solo travellers will be invited to join in on all off-schedule meals, while those who prefer some downtime are free to create their own adventure.


The island is 19km2 with 33km of varied coastline with incredible beaches and crytal clear water. The perfect location to discover hidden gems either on foot or by bike.

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Accommodation options to suit all budgets are available on the island. EARLY RESERVATION for your accommodation is strongly recommended as the island books up fast. If you are looking for an option that is right next to our training base, check out "Miramare Residence" on  Alternatively there are currently a healthy selection of alternative options within Favignana Port, a short bike ride away from our training base.


07:30 Meditation

08:00 - 08:30 Gentle Joint Mobility

08:30 - 10:00 Budokon Yoga

Dalle 10:00 alle 18:00 Free time to enjoy the island

18:00 -  19:00 Budokon Mobility &  Animal Locomotion

19:30 Aperitivo in the port

20:00 Supper



6  x 30' Meditation sessions

6 x 45' Gentle Joint mobility sessions

12  x  60'/90' Budokon Yoga & Mobility, Animal Locomotion, Invert introductions sessions

1 x 45' Massage

3 x  Group suppers at Mara's home


Your journey to and from the location.  We will provided information and costs and we are happy to assist with any bookings you may need make in Italian for your journey.


All meals apart from the three suppers at Mara's.

TOTAL: €700

7 spots left

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