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'how we do anything is how we do everything '

A class for inquisitive learners of all ages with a curiosity to explore what their bodies are capable of in terms of movement & mobility. 

Budokon is a mixed movement arts system which combines yoga, mobility, calisthenics, animal locomotion & martial arts. Regular practice helps create a fluid way of thinking and relating to all forms of movement within your life.

Online & live classes focus on a set of movements which are trained consistently for 8 weeks.  We practice a fluid mixture of Budokon Yoga & Mobility flows with lessons dedicated to drilling new skills while having fun working them together.  Complex moves are broken down and each student is provided with the necessary information to perform the movements within their current range of motion.  This allows students with injuries or a limited range of motion to work on their own terms and scale up in difficulty when they feel the  moment is right. Like this, both beginners & advanced students can work alongside each other with comfort.

Live & online classes are accessible to students of all ages with a fundamental level of fitness & the willingness to open their mind to new patterns of movement. The Budokon system embraces the tradition of self inquiry present in both yoga and martial arts.  Each class allows students to become increasingly aware of their physical and emotional state and how movement can be used as a simple, yet crucial life skill, creating happier, healthier versions of ourselves, for many years to come.

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Budokon yoga was founded by Cameron Shayne in 2001. It is a physically demanding style which reshaped the modern yoga practice by rejecting the qualities of a yogi as defined by the yoga sutras, choosing instead to be guided by a more contemporary construct of spirituality & discipleship.

It was created as a practice for movers of all types, seeking to improve their agility, mobility, stamina & strength.
The foundation of this style is the Budokon Yoga Primary Series. This consists of 7 pre-formed flowing sections which integrate slow, controlled fluid movements with the breath. Through precise, repeated practice, the techniques are learnt with emphasis being given to the transitional parts of the movement rather than fixed postures or 'asana'. In this way students develop a fluidity and muscular agility that is applicable to just about any other discipline or movement practice. 


Mobility, in general terms is any movement performed with the objective of improving our joint health.

The Budokon Mobility system focuses on cultivating the strength & functional health of joint tissue; the tendons, the ligaments & the muscles surrounding a particular joint.  It is practiced with the intention of sustaining & potentially increasing the range of motion within a joint, improving athletic potential while simultaneously decreasing the risk of injury.  

When we take into consideration just how important joint health is for an active lifestyle, we begin to understand how mobility work can play a big part in maintaining and improving our physical health & longevity.  Budokon Mobility can be trained as a practice in its own right or to complement other disciplines.


if health is your wealth - mobility is your medicine

Regular physical activity positively affects how we feel,
how we function, improves the quality of our sleep and decreases the risk of chronic disease.  

classes are 30 minutes long & available online only.  A gentle class, designed to motivate you into physical activity and a positive mindset.  A class that welcomes everyone - age and ability is not an issue.


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You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy - then you should sit for an hour
Famous zen saying - author unknown

All students are welcome to join us for the free 20 minute non guided meditation session which takes place online before class every Monday & Thursday and is open to everyone.


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