inspiring others to reach their full potential through movement, mindset and nutrition

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•  to provide a system that fuses the physical and emotional benefits of traditional martial arts with modern movement patterns •

• to create an online/offline community of movement warriors who collaborate together, improving their health, happiness and physical agility during the daily grind •

•  to decrease the risk of injury  •

• to increase a student's confidence and create a space where everyone is free to express their individual version of awesome •

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• in 2013, in collaboration with STAT martial arts, susanna founded STAT Italia, a martial arts school based in her home town in tuscany.   under her instruction, many students went forward to become black belts and champions at regional, national and international events.

she is a certified level III instructor in ATA taekwondo 

a certified level II instructor in warrior krav maga.

 she is currently studying under cameron & melayne shayne to become a certified instructor in  budokon mobility & yoga.

• she is currently studying for nutrition coach certification with precision nutrition


susanna nussbaum is a third degree black belt in taekwondo. 

she has won 9  european champion  titles with the ATA in sparring, traditional form, traditional weapons and XMA.  she  has competed and won in traditional form and traditional weapons with WTKA italia and became a WTKA national champion in 2015

• in 2016 she won the oppurtunity  to compete in the Top Ten at the ATA World Championships in Little Rock, Arkansas where once again she struck gold  in the XMA category for the title of ATA World Champion.