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A personalized training experience, helping you follow through on your chosen level commitment in those difficult moments when life gets in the way.

The monthly subscription fee includes a 45 minute individual training session with susanna.  together we will create a bespoke training programme to fit your schedule,  fast-tracking your progress & creating the results you desire.  

Your training consistency will be tracked & subject to your commitment, you will be invited to participate in our online grading at the end of each 8 week programme. 
We are committed to providing quality over quantity, therefore places on the PRIME MOVER programme are limited.

The WM system offers contract free, monthly membership programmes.  Membership renews automatically at the end of 30 days, you are free to cancel at any time.

live training schedule


Access to all live online classes

Access to our library of recorded lesson replays relevant to the current programme
Instructional training videos for the current warrior flow programme
Progress & accountability check
Participate  in our online grading at the end of each two month programme
Access to our bi-monthly movement & mindset challenge groups
A one2one session of 45 minutes with susanna once every four weeks

more subscription options

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