I'm Susanna Nussbaum, lead instructor & founder of warrior momentum.
The WM system was born from my desire to create an online space where people of all ages can unite in a voyage of discovery. Exploring their own, unique physicality while levelling up to their true potential.
The digital reality of our current existence means the quality of our training is no longer restricted to local availability.  Assuming you have space for a yoga mat, great results are now a reality, within the confines of your own schedule & from the comfort of your own home.

For more than a decade, pre-covid & before zoom, my choice to leave London for 'la dolce vita' of rural italy meant a significant

part of my training relied on pre-recorded tutorials & video chats with my instructor. I have lost count of the number of 'of the shelf' training packages I purchased over the years. Some of them barely made it out of the wrapping, while others provided valuable information which I have consistently revisited over the years. I soon realised that the key to consistent progress with online training was the emotional feedback & personal accountability created through regular contact with my instructor & training community. This kept me focused on my goals & provided the support network necessary to keep me pushing forward, despite inevitable setbacks along the way.
This teamwork element of my long distance training experience was a crucial part of my journey and a vital component of my World Champion success in 2016. The WM system is rooted in this this experience. Through live, online training sessions & regular group challenges your instructors & training companions will become an integral part of your journey. Together we will help sustain your personal accountability. Keeping you on track through the difficult bits and making real progress part of your reality.

If you have matured passed your 'peak' training age, but feel ready to get in the best shape of your life,
the WM system may well be your medicine. Creating a physical functionality and agility that will serve you well both on and off the mat & for many years to come.

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WARRIOR one who is engaged with energy in an activity, cause or conflict.
MOMENTUM the strength or force that allows something to grow with the passage of time.

The WM system is focuses on physical training yet simultaneously acknowledging that, like a muscle,  we can also train our brain in the way we choose to overcome obstacles in our daily life.   Drawing from Susanna's 25 years of experience teaching & training in martial arts the WM system utilizes that knowledge, offering students the chance to improve their emotional agility, while training to become a better person than they were yesterday - in mind, body & spirit.

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