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"I had lost count of the number of classes I had tried, and disliked, for a variety of reasons.  I am so happy to say I have finally found just the right mix of motivation & accountability with the WM system.  Susanna is truly inspiring.  She has many years of teacher & training experience. It is her skill, energy & humour that keep me coming back.  Her teaching method has helped me break through physical & emotional barriers so that moves which at first felt impossible, I can now do comfortably.  As a generation X'er, I have never before trained with such consistency or regularity.  Through the Prime Mover programme I am in better shape than ever. Highly recommended."
Catherine - Environmental Consultant & Garden Designer - UK

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"I have been part of Susanna’s Mobility4medicine classes since they started and wouldn’t ever want to miss the twice weekly sessions. Susanna has a very calm and reassuring manner and works with each individual student to ensure the exercises are within their grasp, whether they be very flexible or much less so as I am . It’s a great way to start the day and I particularly enjoy the monthly focus on a particular area of the body. I am certainly more flexible as a result. All classes are recorded so one can go back over any that have been missed. Susanna also provides recordings of exercises for specific areas that one can check back on if one has a specific problem."
Jen - Schoolteacher, retired - UK


"Since beginning my collaboration with warrior momentum, I have discovered a strength and fluidity in me that I have not felt in decades.  Much more than a world-class athlete, Susanna has a gift for teaching.   Her classes are the perfect mixture of fun, heat and encouragement. she exudes positivity and lifts us to towards our higher selves.  I wouldn’t miss a class!"
Athena - Professional Musician - Italy

"Our strength & flexibility has definitely improved since starting the warrior momentum training with a deepening in the squat and increased shoulder strength.  Less problems with backache. the class + programme would benefit anyone who would like to increase their strength and flexibility as the various levels for each movement makes it accessible for all."
Tim & Sab - Italy


"As an instructor, Susanna can be fierce and tender and playful, generous and encouraging, inspiring and absolutely amazing at her thing. this is her thing."
Natasha - Wilderness Guide & Generative Coach - Greece

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" Having trained to black belt in london, I found susanna's classes to be of world class  standard. She invests time and resources making sure that her teaching methods are up to the minute in terms of quality and content.  She has skillfully created a training environment which is both challenging for experienced practitioners and welcoming for new ones, bringing everyone together to create an amazing community both on and off the mat."
Yoav - Digital Activist - Italy

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" Susanna’s classes were some of the best I have ever experienced. i am a black belt in kick boxing and when i found her martial arts classes, I felt like i had come home. since I no longer live locally, I have enjoyed online classes with her from the comfort of home.Susanna is an exceptional teacher and an inspiration in herself. She always strives for the best, both in herself and her students. One in a million!."
Beth - Mentor & Life Coach - UK